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I am not her (1.) - Moment of carelessness

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"Leave her here, I'll keep an eye on her," Anna replied, looking at the little girl with the long blonde hair.

Little Julie sat at the far end of the room, holding a children's book in her hands. She seemed oblivious to the world.


Anna felt her lips part on their own into a tiny smile. As she did so, her thoughts drifted to the memory of little Princess Bella, who loved fairy tales. Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast were her favorites. One day, when she read this fairy tale to her again, her daughter said, "Mommy, I'm going to live in an enchanted castle too, and you and Daddy will live there with me."


It was a beautiful memory, but it was clouded with sadness.

"Anna, are you all right? Anna!" She slowly opened her eyes, which she closed at the memory of her little daughter. She sighed softly and looked at her long-time friend Melissa, whom she considered almost like her own sister. She could always tell her anything, and she didn't have to worry about being judged for it. Melissa was there for her no matter what.


"I can postpone the doctor's appointment and stay here with you," Melissa uttered softly, reaching out to squeeze her friend's hand.

It never ceased to amaze Anna, even after all these years, that she knew her better than she knew herself. She turned to her and attempted a reassuring smile that, judging by Melissa's sad face, didn't quite work.


"No, just go, I can handle it," she replied, hastily releasing her grip. "Go, don't be late," she added, turning around. She gripped her black cane tightly. She could feel Melissa's piercing gaze on her back as she did so, but she ignored it. In her other hand, she took three rather slim books and clutched them to her chest. Then, with a quiet inhale and exhale, she walked around the small white counter with a limp, heavy step.


"Anna!" Melissa tried again, but she just shook her head in response, as there was nothing more to say. She knew that Mel only wanted to help her through the pain of her loss, to be as supportive as she could be, and she was grateful for that, but at the same time, she had to deal with it herself, and most importantly, learn to live with the pain that had always been in her heart again.    

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