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7 reasons to set New Year's resolutions

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1. I guess the first of January has magical powers or something that makes an otherwise weak-minded individual without confidence feel like a superhero. A superhero named "I can do anything." Our superhero who is inside us on January 1st and can do anything has special superpowers. He can inflate time, and he can learn faster than a computer. He can take care of his own kids at home, he also takes care of three abandoned ones, he runs a stray animal shelter, and he's finishing his doctorate in perfection and beauty at the University for Geniuses. And I urge you, dear readers, to let him live. Allow him or her (Everything I Can Handle has a gender-neutral name) those 15 minutes of fame, of your attention, when you write down what you'd like.


"Aim for the moon. Even if you miss it, you'll end up among the stars." (Les Brown)


2. The very next step is, of course, our superheroine tamer. We have an opportunity for self-reflection here. To realize the contrast between what can be managed in enthusiasm and what can be managed in ordinary traffic. In my self-reflection, I'm looking for the right weight to load up on so I don't get frustrated and throw in the pitchfork. Then the following year my resolution could include only one thing - "survive"! The goal is not to overwhelm myself with meaningless demands on myself, but to sort out in my head what would be a shame to forget.


3. Motivation is a good tool that has a sharper blade at the beginning of the year. It is a known fact that people buy season tickets to gyms and then don't visit them. And despite the impermanence, it's a gift, perhaps caused by the group power of suggestion, perhaps it melts away like spring snow, but it's there and it gives you the opportunity to start something. Our goals deserve a new chance after all.


4. In setting resolutions, one can plan well for the coming year. Planning is also a very useful activity for humans. When we write a list of resolutions, we have already accomplished it. And what we do well and feel good about, we like to repeat. It's certainly not for everyone, not everyone has to sit with crayons between holidays for 6 hours a day over stacks of journals from previous years, already filling in the years ahead. Sometimes all it takes is a short reflection to realize that you don't have to go to that dead end and take the straight path to your goal.


5. A dead end could be something that is not our priority, that would take time away from something that we actually want to strengthen much more in our lives. I consider the fifth benefit of writing down New Year's resolutions to be that I prioritize at the same time. I want to focus on my kids and be rested for them. I also want to run ultramarathons, but if I run 100 to 500 miles every week, then I'll be tired for the kids. So as long as I'm taking care of the kids, I'll run shorter distances and I don't have to run every day.


6. And at the same time, I remember how nice it was to participate in an ultramarathon every weekend. Each year is unique, and none are repeated, I remember with nostalgia and gratitude all that I was allowed to experience in the past years and I go deeper, into my childhood. And that it is the holiday season, that new beginnings are ahead of me, I allow myself to remember only the good things.


7. It's a tradition. A tradition on which souls grow and merchants profit. Some people don't decorate the tree, some people don't give presents, and I'm sure a lot of people don't write New Year's resolutions.


Still, I believe most of us at least reflect on what was, what will be, and most importantly, what is already here.

Happy New Year to our readers and if you want to share your New Year's resolutions, feel free to write to me ☺...

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