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I don't have time... but why don't we have it?

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How many times have you said that phrase? Leaving aside the fact that this argument is quite often used as an excuse, consciously or not, a lot of people nowadays really feel like they don't have time.

Well, one thing's for sure. Each of us has exactly the same twenty-four hours available to us every day. It's just that no matter where you are on this planet, time and the measurement of time is one of the few things that we as humanity have been able to agree on.

Twenty-four hours by sixty minutes. Most of my articles are about creative writing, but this applies to anyone, whether they need time to exercise, have a family, finish school, or finally start cleaning out the garage.

Yet a lot of people say they don't have it. Yes, I know, we all have to go to work and sleep. But even so, as many other people and studies before me have proven, we simply have a few hours to ourselves each day.

Now the question is, are you aware of how you spend that time. Yes you do, no one is stealing it from you. No one but yourself.


You want to start learning English, but you don't have an hour a day to devote to it? You come home, clean, cook dinner, get the kids ready for school, watch the lunchtime episode of the show, then take a few minutes to scroll through social media posts, put the laundry in the washing machine.... And it's evening and the day is gone.

We all know it. I have a tip for you. It's advice I got from a creative writing course, but it can be applied to anyone. Pick one thing you do every day and it will only take you a few minutes. Whether it's the aforementioned looking at your phone or watching an episode of a sitcom. They only have 30 minutes, so what's the point, right?

You know what? Oh, great. So today, when you get home and you're busy again, skip this one thing and... no, go do what you've been putting off for so long instead.

Sit in the chair. And set an alert. And for the half hour you spend watching TV, just be alone, quietly, without your phone, without talking, waiting for the minute to ring that it's over.

Stupid? It's going to be so boring, count on it! Repeat the next day and the day after that. You'll see how the half-hour gets longer and longer and longer each day. Just like any wait for anything.

I want you to understand one thing. Not only do you have time, but by not giving it to your dreams and needs, you are also waiting. You're waiting for all your wishes to come true, only you don't know it.

Because instead of a boring silence, your waiting is filled with the phone, the TV, the computer...


So schedule a week of sitting nicely in the kitchen and don't cheat, otherwise it won't work! And you'll see that suddenly you'll have time, and you'll realize how every minute counts when you really want something.

It's clear to me that there are people who have really serious problems, and their life situation is not rosy. I know it myself when you really don't have time. And that's why I also know that you need to think and not leave everything on your shoulders.

Can't a husband take care of the kids one day, or do the oldest's laundry? Or someone to help you with the care? Giving all of your time to someone else may be meritorious, but the moment you run out and burn out, you are not benefiting yourself or the person you gave it to. Sad truth, but true.

There are plenty of opportunities to help these days and everyone should be able to, and definitely deserves to, have at least a little time to themselves, every day.


How about you, how are you doing with time? Do you know how to use it? Or are you just spending it until the bill comes?


P.S. Did you know? According to research, we spend almost a month of our lives waiting for public transport. Nine years shopping, seven years trying to sleep. Two years waiting at traffic lights (still no excuse for those who cross them on red) and traditionally Czechs spend more time at work than the rest of Europe. I don't want to impose anything, but from that list, a few things could be crossed off, or at least reduced.

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