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TOP 10 books that changed my life

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1. Michael Ende: The Momo Girl and Stolen Time

The story of a little girl who is very good at listening and helps her friends regain the time they have been robbed of by the "grey men". A beautiful fairy tale story reminds me that time is one of the most precious things we have. And we certainly won't lose it if we spend it with people

we care about and be fully present in the moment. There's no point in always chasing after something, so we won't save time.

I read the book in my childhood, borrowed it from the library, and in my adulthood I searched in vain for it in antique stores, finally getting it as a gift from a good friend.


2. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince

One of the best books I've ever read. There is a lot of wisdom in it and yet it is very easy to read. The conversation between the Little Prince and the fox and the line, "What is important is invisible to the eye," stayed with me the most.

We had The Little Prince in our home, and I read it several times - in my teens and adulthood, always having something new to discover in it. And I had the famous phrase (quoted) made into a print along with the picture on a T-shirt, just for fun...


3. J.R.R. Tolkien: Fairy Tales

A lesser-known book by Tolkien, these adult fairy tales definitely have something to say. I came to the book along with The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Silmarillion.


4. William Saroyan: Tracy's Tiger

A very nice book about longing, love, and our dreams, it reads very easily and brings with it joy. I found Saroyan's books at the library, but this one was given to me as a gift.


5. The Bible

The part of the New Testament with the Gospel appealed to me the most, but also some stories from the Old Testament (e.g. Joseph and his brothers). I encountered the Bible in some form in my childhood, and later in adulthood I returned to it on my own initiative, and I continue to return to it to this day.


6. Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet

Poetic prose with a profound message is a caress to the soul. Both Western and Eastern influences are evident in his work.

I received the book as a gift when I was growing up. I also encountered the words from the chapter "On Marriage" a second time at our wedding. I love coming back to it.


7. Milan Kundera: Immortality

A very sophisticated work by the author, it leads me to a lot of reflection, alternating melancholy with humor, one has to read carefully to get the hang of it. I would like to read it again when I get to it.

I feel like I read it in high school as my selection of recommended reading.


8. Karel Čapek: Krakatit

Krakatite is a very strong explosive invented by Ing. Prokop. A warning against the misuse of technology against humanity. Very nice thoughts and a sympathetic character of the main character. I found it easy to read and was intrigued.

Karel Čapek was my favorite author for a time, I got into this book while reading it in high school. I came to the author himself in elementary school.


9. Marek Vácha: To the Artificers of Life

Marek Orko Vácha - priest, writer, naturalist, and philosopher, in the book he encourages people who are not so sure of their abilities, are not among the most popular in the collective and do not always succeed well. The love of nature and God's creation that is found in all of his

in all his books, guides us through the reading with humor and lightness.

I read the book before I donated it, this author is very close to me in his thoughts and experience of faith.


10. Gillian Bradshaw: Lighthouse in Alexandria

A historical novel about a woman who pursued her dreams against the odds. The main character becomes a doctor at a time when the profession is an exclusively male affair. The story is set against the backdrop of war and we witness the end of the Roman Empire.

I got into this book as an adult, on the recommendation of a friend who I asked what interesting things she had read.


In today's hectic times it is hard to find time for ourselves, but I see it as very important and valuable. To stop for a while, sit down with a book, and maybe even daydream a little...


I wish you all many extraordinary reading experiences, let this be a moment for you...

Is there a book that really spoke to you or "opened your eyes"? Do you have favorite authors? What literary genre do you prefer?


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