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Running - what can I really achieve with this movement?

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I'm gonna stretch, inhale-exhale, run. The sun is shining, and I feel good. I feel every footfall. I run past the horse corral, along the slightly muddy path, I can see the forest ahead, I can hear the birds singing.

I can smell the scent of pine needles. I run back home. I feel great! I feel lighter, I feel relaxed, I didn't even catch my breath today.

Running in nature gives me strength, my mind clears, and I feel energized, even if sometimes tired, but it's a different type of tiredness than the mental one...

At the same time I perceive with all my senses what is happening around me, and I can observe it undisturbed by anything. 


The questions were:

1. What does running bring you?

2. How often do you run and where?

3. What thoughts go through your mind when you start a race?

4. How do you feel when you finish?

5. What time of day do you run most often?

6. Why did you choose to run?


Running often brings them feelings of joy, freedom, and relaxation, it is a way to clear their minds and forget about their worries, a chance to overcome themselves, a feeling of a job well done, and last but not least the joy of nature around them and of life.

Some run almost daily, others twice a week, depending on whether they also run competitively (those who run more often run daily). They have different thoughts in their heads when they start a race:

"Nervous. Can I do it? What if I fail? But at the same time, I'm excited, it's a little step out of my comfort zone again and overcoming myself."

"Damn, what am I doing here, I could still be sleeping." (Races are usually run early in the morning.)


The women interviewed most often run from spring to fall. Around the home, in nature, e.g. the Giant Mountains, and forests near Lysá nad Labem. They often run after work - around lunchtime (the interviewee works

from home), afternoon to evening. And how do they feel when they run?

"Even if you're completely exhausted after the race, a lot of endorphins are flushed out and it energizes you. You get this strange feeling of satisfaction." "It's like all the pressure and stress of the working day is gone. At the same time slightly tired, but in a good way. I feel like a job well done, especially when the training goes well and I feel strong ."I feel amazing, like a little child full of joy. I'm happy that I made it, I'm happy about life and all the good things it brings, I'm just happy without much meaning...and my whole body is so full of energy, I feel every vein, I feel alive!"


When asked why they chose running in particular, they universally answer that it can be done almost anytime and anywhere, it is the easiest way to move, and it is also time efficient. "It's a sport where I'm alone with my thoughts and no one disturbs me. There are different forms of running and training, so it can be a lot of fun, varied, and adapted to your current condition. It also keeps you fit for other activities and daily life."


Often starting running in childhood, some have had a break in their lives during puberty but have returned to it again in adulthood. If you're looking for a tip on where to run a race, I have a few from these women:

Run the Forests in Brdy, a trail race in Jizerky, a half marathon in Nymburk, and a team Vltava Run. 


One of the interviewed women runs the Spartan Race, where you not only need to run but also strengthen (especially to train your grip). It is run in difficult terrain (mountains).

Thus, in preparation, training of hills/stair climbing is included, while the race includes various handstand obstacles, pulling loads...


Whether you try running for fun or marathons, you should know one thing - it's worth it!

Do you also like running or would you like to start? Do you have a favorite route?

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