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10 ways not to go crazy

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I'm not crazy, I've always been that way. Maybe I'm giving advice on how to stay crazy. Ironically, just as people who have been divorced several times are known to give the best advice in relationships, I'm taking the liberty of incompetently giving advice on how to keep your sanity.


1) Take a walk

Some people walk, some people run, and some people sit by the nearest pond. The bottom line is movement, fresh air, and endorphins. I currently prefer running with breaks for walking and stopping.


2) Harden yourself

Preferably in a lake in the winter. But it can be done more gently. Maybe take a cold shower. By pushing the boundaries and staying out of our comfort zone, our comfort zone becomes more comfortable, bigger, and more maintained. We enjoy it more and are happier in it.


3) Be a volunteer

Last time I was cleaning up the trash around the Vltava River in Prague. We were a bunch of people, the event was organized by Mekáč. Most of the workers were people who had some good position in the company. There were also a few of us from operations who had a positive attitude toward volunteering. None of us had to be there. It was a beautiful day. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the area. To help seniors or sick children, financially or by your simple presence. And many more like it, just look around. Take the courage to take the time.


4) Read

You're reading right now! And reading engages different centers in the noggin than listening or watching a video. They affect our ability to adjust to our own reality and find it bearable. At best, a landscape of amazing adventures.


5) When you can't keep up, stop!

Free time is becoming increasingly scarce. There seems to be more work and I'm not getting any younger. I recently started a new hobby. I write FREE HUGS, FREE Hugs on a sign, take it to Wenceslas Square, and hug strangers there. Most of the time they're on vacation and have time to do it.

Again, stopping doesn't have to be that radical. If a person is just mediocre, just close your eyes for a few seconds and take a deep breath and slowly exhale. It helps.


6) Reverse the roles

Take care of your parents like you would a child. Cry in front of your child and tell them that you want them to use their allowance to buy you ice cream. Hold the door for the doorman. Thank the person you just did a favor for. It will deepen your empathy and delight (or at least amuse) the person whose role you have momentarily stepped into.


7) Write

The reasons are very similar to those for reading. For example, you can write to me about what you do to keep yourself from going crazy.


8) Call a friend

Last night a friend had some weird posts on Facebook, I was worried about him so I called him and we talked for over an hour last night. It was extremely beneficial for both of us.

Again, there are less pressing reasons and more normal times to call friends. When one's life is just going crazy in a normal, average way.


9) Do something different

Try walking a bit of the way you walk every day backward, and barefoot. Read a book you wouldn't read. A little crazy to keep you sane. You can't get around the law of paradox.


10) Be your own person - people can inspire us, but we shouldn't copy anyone.

I was inspired to write this article by a customer. He ordered a menu with Coke and I asked "Any other requests? Sauce with your fries?" He replied, "Well, just health, and don't let me go too crazy!"


That's what I wish for him, for me, and for you.

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