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Pre-Christmas madness at my home

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Hello, my dears,


how do you feel about the word "Christmas" and the fact that it's fast approaching?

They say Christmas is a holiday of peace, but I don't know what's so peaceful about it. We as humans turn into motor mice and try to make everything tiptop.

I personally love Christmas, but it has a big BUT and that is cleaning. Do you also have that tendency at this time of year that everything has to be shiny or it's not the best?


That's the way it is in our house. My mom, me and my sister do the cleaning.

As the saying goes, we fly around like a rag on a stick and my brother and dad throw the couch and fuss. Is that how you do it?

I always feel like throwing the wet rag at them, but I grit my teeth and say, "Girl, don't do that, you'll only add to the work!"

Then there's shopping for gifts, and I love that for my family, since my sister and I pick them out together and over the internet, so it's easy peasy.  However, this year, when it comes to gifts for my parents, we're not quite getting it right. We bought them some garden furniture, a table and chairs, only the table is as big as a cow and will probably be halfway across the garden. Oh, yeah, there's been a mistake. 


We considered sending it back and buying another one for a while until the end. But we're a bit unwilling to send it back again, as the table is both long and insanely heavy. I hope it doesn't make Santa's back break and we don't have to cure it and then load it on his sled quickly. Anyway, it must be fun, even if there's no bread. Do you know that saying?

We use it in our family when things don't go our way. We have another one that my sister and I had to say this year when we were looking for presents, which is, "We have a dwarf in the castle, he'll grow up overnight."

We said this because when the next package came it totally sucked, so another little problem, but this time it didn't avoid a complaint.


We bake a ton of candy, which we eat all Christmas.

I personally love gingerbread. I can get enough of them, and what about the smell? Hmmm, just divine.

I would have eaten the gingerbread before Christmas and it wouldn't have escaped from me, or the other candy if they hadn't hidden it from me.   Yeah, well, I always turn into a glutton over the holidays and it makes me sick. 


As for the Christmas tree and decorations, I leave that up to the girls because me and Christmas balls don't go together. Apparently this year's Christmas tree colors are supposed to be pink, red, and fuchsia - just a little tip for you and me.

This year we have a tree that's over two meters tall, so we have a lot to decorate. There's almost always some sort of cartoons or carols running by it, it's just been a blast, and that's the way it's supposed to be.    


But I don't want to tell you only what happens to me at Christmas. After all, they say that Christmas is a holiday of peace and tranquility, and I really wish it were, even though all people, including myself, are rushing around somewhere. We're trying to get everything done at work, deadlines, and such. I'd like to get it all done in one day, but, somehow, I can't rush everything. I wish I had a magic wand to do everything for me over the holidays so I could throw my feet up and eat candy and watch cartoons.

And you know what, friends? I'm gonna do it this year, just without the wand when it's all done. I'm gonna throw my feet up, set the table, and watch cartoons. My favorite fairy tales are Three Nutcrackers for Cinderella and The Very Sad Princess.


Friends, try to slow down this Christmas, just a little bit. I'm not saying don't shop or don't clean, don't get ready for that Christmas Eve that will soon be upon us and we'll be sitting down to a festive dinner, which in my house will consist of potato salad and schnitzel, but most importantly be with those closest to us and that's the BEST thing in my opinion, being with those we love because that's what's most important - and not just at Christmas.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

What is your favorite Christmas story?  And will you be having carp or a schnitzel for Christmas Eve dinner?                  

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