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We have to grow into our dreams...

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I recently read the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I was particularly intrigued by the idea of the "personal story". Each of us has our own story, our own secret dream that we are working towards. No one else chooses the path we take for us, although it may have been given to us from the beginning and it is up to us to discover it.


Try to listen to the voice of your heart, but in doing so, do not blindly follow your dream without perceiving your surroundings.

As a child I had many wishes, the innermost ones did come true, but it wasn't right away. Sometimes there is a long road to our dreams, often full of pitfalls and obstacles. I tell myself in retrospect that I was lucky that not all my dreams came true.

I will share one of my dreams with you.


Ever since I was a child, I wanted very much to be a writer. Later, my wish changed: "I would like to write a book that would give people something good... to make it meaningful to them, like the books that have influenced me a lot."

I enjoy writing, but it seems like everything important has already been said by someone else... At the same time, I don't know what all I want to convey and how much to be personal in my writing.

I seem to be hitting a bit of a roadblock, the form and style can be practiced, but the biggest difficulty I see is that I don't know how much I want to "reveal" myself.

So, so far, I have been writing "in the drawer". It wasn't until I decided to enter the Magic Key literary competition that a few of my poems were published in a collection of work.

Some time later, I noticed an online Creative Writing course on the Living Room website. I was very intrigued by the idea. I signed up and started writing more often, fine-tuning my form and style. But I haven't managed to complete the course yet, with dwindling free time that I needed and wanted to devote to my young children.


Still, I found a lot of inspiration here and got to know the work of other like-minded people.

Our wishes often come at a time when we are not ready for them. It is good to be patient and if we really want something, to persevere, sometimes we just need to change our attitude or perspective. I realize that such a change is not easy for many. In my experience, time can help us through it.

Our fears can distract us from our dreams. I'll give you an example, "We want to learn to ski, but a tree appears on the slope and we focus so hard on the tree until we hit it."

Let the bad thoughts flow and observe them as non-participants, distance from them will help you deal with them better.


I wish you to live your "personal stories" and always be yourself in living them!

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Marie Kučerová

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For me, writing is an opportunity to express my thoughts, to immerse myself in the world of my characters, and it's also a moment for myself....

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